Made in: France
Language: French
Directors: Anthony Voisin, Zakaria Boumediane, Fabien Felicite-Zulma, Camille Delmeule
Starring: Maureen Dor (voice), Mehdy Riou (voice)
Year: 2009

Synopsis: In a post apocalyptic wasteland, Lana (Maureen Dor), a woman, and her young son Theo (Mehdy Riou) live in a nuclear fallout shelter beneath a deserted Russian city. Every day, Lana dons an oxygen mask and goggles, then ventures to the surface where she scavenges for materials that can sold or traded (presumably with other survivors).

She returns home with a reel-to-reel recorder, and when she replays it, we hear the sound of a laughter-filled playground. This makes an immediate impression on Theo, who wants to keep the device and insists on venturing to the surface with his mother the next time she goes out. But Lana refuses, saying he isn't old enough and that the the recorder needs to be sold.

But Theo is overcome with curiosity, a typical sense of childhood rebellion, and a longing for a time when there was abundant life...

The Good: Replay definitely sets an effective atmosphere with strong emotions and simple, but sympathetic characters. The animation is excellent for an independent project, made entirely with off-the-shelf media software that's widely available to the everyday consumer.

But to their credit, the filmmakers obviously cared more about the story than technology, and this is definitely a short film that will draw you in.

The Bad: The film feels incomplete at the end. A little more background information would have been nice, and there are a number of different and equally exciting directions that could have been explored.

Who would like this film: This one's for you if you're fan of computer animation and short films. The story is simple and it works, but it would have been nice to have just a little more exposition about the main characters and the situation they were in. But for a low budget project, the animators did a very commendable job.

You can see the film in its entirety above to judge for yourself.

(3 stars out of 4)

Review written by: Joe Yang

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