There's Only One Sun

There's Only One Sun
Made in: China, USA
Language: French, Russian
Director: Wong Kar Wai
Starring: Amelie Daure, Gianpaolo Lupori, Stefan Morawietz
Year: 2007

Synopsis: In an abstract, futuristic world full of psychadelic neon lights, a covert operative by the name of Agent 006 (Amelie Daure) is sent to eliminate a mysterious nemesis known only as "The Light" (Gianpaolo Lupori).

Because "The Light" is paranoid at the prospect of someone recognizing his face, 006 is temporarily and voluntarily blinded before setting off on her mission.

She is guided by a special sensor that will help her track down the mysterious "Light," but a personal connection and with the enemy himself may jeopardize the entire operation...

At least, that's what I think the film is about...

The Good: Like many previous feature-length films directed by Wong Kar Wai, There's Only One Sun is visually rich. Moving at a slow, methodical pace, the story is emotional and full of subtleties.

Nothing is stated directly. Most of the story's crucial elements are conveyed via imagery, and dialogue that only hints at the bigger plot points.

Amelie Daure, the protagonist, is a strong presence and is well suited to Wong's vision. The dialogue being in French and Russian is an intriguing element, as is the science-fiction backdrop.

In a very short amount of time (less than nine minutes), Wong Kar Wai definitely creates a rich, emotionally intense short story that has the emotional heaviness of his full length films.

The Bad: As an ad for the Aurea flat-screen HD TV by Philips, I'm not sure how successful There's Only One Sun was in boosting sales.

It comes across much more as an art film than a commercial. Although it's a fine aesthetic presentation, it might be a harder sell among those interested in buying an HD TV for more prosaic fare.

Who would like this movie: There's Only One Sun is for you if you like foreign films, foreign languages, artsy stuff, and if you're a fan of Wong Kar Wai. You can watch it right here on this page too.

Produced by Anonymous Content, which was behind the slick BMW short films, which you should also check out. Wong directed one of those as well, entitled The Follow.

(3 out of 4 stars)

Review written by: Joe Yang

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