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Miss Bala Thrills Audiences

Miss Bala
Made in: Mexico
Language: Spanish, English
Director: Gerardo Naranjo
Starring: Stephanie Sigman, Noe Hernandez
Year: 2011

This is a review written by a Guest author

Renowned writer and producer Gerardo Naranjo gives us another dose of his talent in the new suspenseful, emotion-packed thriller Miss Bala. The film features the beautiful and vibrant Stephanie Sigman.

Sigman brings life to the character of Laura Guerrero, and each breath she takes to survive will leave the audience hyperventilating. Naranjo leaves no stones unturned in this controversial film about the many ways in which power can present itself, violate a vulnerable individual or society, and overtake one's life in the blink of an eye.

The audience will be drawn to Laura, likely judging and criticizing her in moments, and crying with her as well as she tries to maintain her sanity and escape the piercing effects of a bullet. Gerardo Naranjo, with his rich and truly inspired script, awakens us to many phantasms in life. Laura dreams of being a princess and is momentarily crowned with a beautiful tiara adorned with many gemstones. With a twist of fate, the crown she wears changes to one of thorns.

Naranjo truly brings Laura's character to life, and shows how one woman fights and preserves her life through a web of silence, fear, and obedience. These are her escape mechanisms and survival instincts.

This film is a 10 on the Richter scale of thrillers, and is definitely making social and cultural waves. The pages of the script were competently put to film, the actors were top-notch, and many kudos to Stephanie Sigman for her Oscar-worthy performance.

To no surprise, this film has received a nomination for the coveted Goya Awards, and has been selected as Mexico's entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards. Naranjo may very well get a chance to take the stage at the Oscars and crown Miss Bala a winner.

This film hits the big screen in New York and Los Angeles on January 20, 2012 and will be available on DVD in the United Kingdom on February 20, 2012.

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