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Click the links below to discover other great film websites. Whether you're in the mood for a foreign film or looking to get the latest scoop on Hollywood stuff, the resources on this page are sure to satisfy your curiosity.

At these sites you'll also find trailers, news, interviews, and more. No fluff or pages full of annoying pop-ups and lame flashing banner ads that'll induce epilepsy- these are quality sites made by true film fans. The focus is on substance, good writing, and film-related items that are worth reading!

More sites will be added in the near future! Thanks for visiting!

Jeff Otto Writing - Movie reviews, entertainment news, and more!
Freelance entertainment journalist Jeff Otto writes for a variety of well-known sites. You'll find plenty of reviews and other articles about upcoming movies, TV shows, interviews, set visits, and more! It is so cool your pants will explode! (In a good way).
Another of Joe's website involving his work in short animated films, cartoons, and graphic novels. The focus is mostly humor with emphasis on pop culture, political satire, and gadget reviews. - Foreign film reviews and other cool stuff!
This is a great, comprehensive resource for foreign film reviews as well as news about the latest Hollywood movies. You'll also find a nice selection of trailers, the latest news on DVD releases, and other goodies. If you don't go there I will send a drunken seal to your house and he will make you play the guitar.

Just kidding. I won't do that. I don't even know where you live and I have too much sh*t to do today anyway.
Hilarious animated reviews of Hollywood movies.

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