La Mujer de Mi Hermano
(My Brother's Wife)

barbara mori

La Mujer de mi Hermano (My Brother's Wife)
Made in: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Director: Ricardo de Montreuil
Starring: Barbara Mori, Christian Meier, Manolo Cardona, Gaby Espino, Bruno Bichir
Year: 2005

Synopsis: Beautiful Zoe (Barbara Mori) is stuck in a passionless marriage with her husband Ignacio (Christian Meier), a wealthy businessman who inherited his father's factory.

Unappreciative of his wife, Ignacio is also boring and a bit controlling. He also refuses to have sex with his wife unless it's Saturday. And while away on business trips, he calls Zoe and asks her if she still loves him. Sounds like she picked a winner, right?

Feeing like she'll go nuts, Zoe confides in Ignacio's younger brother Gonzalo (Manolo Cardona), who's a philandering artist with poofy hair. More personable and passionate, Zoe starts spending more and more time with the fun Gonzalo.

However, their mutual attraction eventually reaches the point where the two can't keep their hands off each other, whereby creating "complications" of soap-opera proportions. The delicate situation starts driving the two brothers, whose relations are already strained, further apart.

The Good: From a cinematic perspective, La Mujer de mi Hermano is very well shot. The soundtrack is also decent. The first half is relatively engaging, and telenovela (soap opera) star Barbara Mori, the talented actress of Uruguayan and Japanese descent, has a strong enough presence to carry most of the film.

The Bad: Although Peruvian director Ricardo de Montreuil is technically skilled, this movie is too predictable. The plot line is like that of any telenovela, only there's more sex and swearing.

Many of the "plot twists" and "shocking" revelations, however believable, come across as contrived and happen too quickly. By the end, unfortunately, it's hard to really care about the characters as the movie hastily wraps up.

Who would like this movie: La Mujer de mi Hermano might be especially appealing to you if you're drawn to stories about screwed-up relationships, cheating spouses, skinny dipping, extra-marital pregnancies, and closet gays.

The first half is OK. But this movie unfortunately falls apart in the second half and ends on an unsatisfying note. Overall, I say to avoid it.

(2 out of 4 stars)

Review written by: Joe Yang

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