Joe Yang
(The Reviewer)

Joe Yang is the author of all film reviews here at , and is the author of the book Those Things, which is a short anthology of horror fiction, and the graphic novel Scooter & Alx: Escape the Food Police!

joe yang

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Joe currently lives in Madison, WI. He teaches Argentine tango and organizes regular social dance events in the Madison area, which you can read about at

So what does this have to do with film reviews?

Well, just about everything.

Joe's adventures (or misadventures) in diverse disciplines afforded him the opportunity to observe and interact with just about every possible film-going demographic. With this in mind, he decided to put his love of writing, film, and foreign languages to use.

Choosing the often underrated topic of foreign films, it is Joe's goal to help all movie-loving folks, not just intellectual elites, appreciate this diverse and fascinating facet of cinema.

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