He Loves me, He Loves me Not
(Á la folie...pas du tout)

audrey tautou

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Á la folie...pas du tout)
Made in: France
Language: French
Director: Laetitia Colombani
Starring: Audrey Tautou, Samuel Le Bihan, Isabelle Carré, Sophie Guillemin,Clément Sibony
Year: 2002

Synopsis: Angélique (Audrey Tautou) is a young art student who's completely enamored with Loic (Samuel Le Bihan), a cardiologist. She sends him romantic letters, makes paintings just for him, and looks forward to the day when Loic will leave his pregnant wife, Rachel (Isabelle Carré).

Angélique's best friend, Héloïse (Sophie Guillemin), thinks all of this is a waste of time and tries to get her to end the affair. And her pal David (Clément Sibony), who has a not-so-secret crush on Angélique, also attempts to talk sense into her. But the young artist is convinced that it's her destiny to be with Loic.

This love affair looks doomed to fail, and by all accounts, Loic seems to be an egotistical jerk. But there's a more sinister component to the situation as Angélique reveals a hidden, and very creepy, side to herself...

The Good: Normally, we're used to seeing Audrey Tautou in French comedies or dramas, where she's a protagonist who's highly charismatic and/or sympathetic. He Loves Me turns that onscreen portrayal of her on its ear, yet it does so while preserving the side of Audrey Tautou that audiences are so used to seeing.

The movie is very well structured, focused, and with a relatively short running time, it gets its point across without feeling rushed. When the psychological terror unfolds, it's never overdone with violence, nor does director Laetitia Colombani present us with an ending that's covered in blood.

At first, the story almost fools you into thinking that it's going to be a chick flick/guilty pleasure about a sweet girl and a womanizer. Then as the basic premise is told again from Loic's point of view, the scary obsession element reveals itself in a clever way. The change in mood is never jarring, and it definitely keeps your interest until the very end.

The Bad: This is the kind of movie that's best on the first viewing. In other words, it won't be as fun on subsequent viewings unless you're introducing it to friends and want to see their reactions. Also, Audrey Tautou wasn't 100% believable as a lovelorn stalker. Or maybe it's the fact that I think it'd be rather nice to have Audrey Tautou stalking me.

Who would like this movie: This movie's for you if you like Audrey Tautou and want to see her in a creepy role that somehow suits her. You'll also like this movie if you're in the mood for a psychological thriller that's compelling, but isn't over-the-top or pretentious.

(3 out of 4 stars)

Review written by: Joe Yang

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