The Next Bond Girl
(Whom I'd like to see)

By: Joe Yang

A Bond Girl is always a fun topic of discussion among Bond fans and action movie buffs in general. Since 1962, they've played such an integral part in the series, and the world almost stops for a few moments when the next one is announced.

But choosing the right woman to appear alongside 007 is often more difficult than picking out the perfect tree for Christmas. Yes, beauty is an obvious and major factor. But the perfect Bond girl must also walk the delicate balance between class, feminine grace, toughness, the aura of mystery, and brains (to varying degrees).

In my opinion, she doesn't necessarily have to be too well-known to mainstream filmgoers. After all, Teri Hatcher and Denise Richards may have looked nice, but the Bond films in which they appeared seemed more like a test to see how long Pierce Brosnan (and members of the audience) could keep a straight face.

In other words, Hollywood glitz isn't necessarily the key to a Bond Girl's success. You may have seen a similar list written by my pal Jeff Otto somewhere at his site Jeff Otto Writing.

And now, here's my completely subjective and totally biased list of 10 actresses (in no particular order) whom I think would make excellent Bond Girls. Chances are, you haven't heard of many of these ladies, but don't worry. It'll be worth your while. Enjoy!

Camille Natta

Camille Natta: She was seen in the French action movie Crimson Rivers 2 , and co-starred with Jean Reno. In real life, she holds an M.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from Oxford University. Onscreen, she plays a convincing intellectual and is a bit more on the gentle side. And although I can't see her managing assault rifles or engaging in too much hand-to-hand combat, she can hold her own with a pistol.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller: Although born in the US but raised in the UK, this babe has co-starred with Bond actor Daniel Craig before in Layer Cake, so there's no problem with onscreen chemistry. She's a lot of fun to watch (for obvious reasons), and with her role as the Baroness in the live-action Gi-Joe movie, she may be able to pull off the role of an infamous "Bad" Bond Girl.

Alice Braga

Alice Braga: If you've seen I am Legend, she shows up in Will Smith's kitchen near the end. This Brazilian babe has a down-to-earth appeal, and exudes toughness and independence without being self-conscious. Braga also has enough exoticism to give a Bond movie some added intrigue. Fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish, her English is very good too. I'm a sucker for multilingual talent, as you will discover.

yukie nakama

Yukie Nakama: Born in Okinawa, Japan, Nakama was a former teeny bopper and swimsuit sensation, but managed to break out of all that. She's said to be on her way to becoming one of Japan's more well-respected actresses, and has an air of sophistication that rises far above the giggly school girl fantasy plaguing the internet these days.

With an absolutely captivating face, she might appear to be too soft and sweet for the rough-and-touble world of international espionage. But if you've seen the movie Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, you'll know that she's definitely capable of killing someone.

alexa davalos

Alexa Davalos: Another Daniel Craig co-star, this Parisian and former model held her own in Edward Zwick's Defiance. Although she's a bit young, she seems to have a maturity that's well suited to helping that gentle image of hers survive a few harrowing explosions. But I don't see this Bond Girl wielding a gun for long periods of time. A knife, maybe. But not a gun.

gabrielle anwar

Gabrielle Anwar: Her role as a former IRA operative in the hit show Burn Notice is in danger of giving Ms. Anwar too much exposure, but I think she definitely has the confidence and toughness to keep up with the likes of James Bond. Not only that, her sense of humor would make for some memorable banter and one-liners once the bullets start flying.

naomi watts

Naomi Watts: Although she's aobut as old as Daniel Craig (not a problem for me, but may be a problem for studio execs), Watts has the gravitas and versatility to help bring the world of James Bond to greater intellectual depths without sacrificing the sex appeal.

I can definitely picture her as a veteran MI-6 case officer collaborating with Bond to uncover a darker, more complex, plot than we're used to.

fernanda machado

Fernanda Machado: If you've seen this Brazilian beauty in Elite Squad, you'll know that she's more substantive than many of the other glossy glamor girls of her generation. She has an assertiveness that never crosses over into bitchiness, and strikes a good balance between book smarts and street smarts. As a Bond Girl, she'd be sweet with just the right touch of attitude, and will look good keeping her cool under fire.

Paz Vega

Paz Vega: Although she's gaining more screen time in Hollywood, she's had plenty of experience with TVs and movies in her home country of Spain. No disrespect to the hotties in Central and South America, but Castillian accents definitely have a unique charm.

Accompanying her stunning looks is some serious acting talent, and her range is amazing. She plays both good and bad girls very well, so it shouldn't be hard to imagine her either trying to save Bond's life or kicking him in the "Double-O's" when he dumps her for the other woman.

alice taglioni

Alice Taglioni: Standing at a towering 5' 10", this French actress with super-model looks was crowned Miss Corsica in 1996 (whatever that is). Appearing in the comedy The Valet, she has some commendable acting chops as well. And with a good sense of humor, she doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. I'm not sure how useful she'd be in a fistfight, but she'd look right at home making smart remarks during a high speed chase. Better yet, she can drive while Bond shoots back at the bad guys...

So there you have it- my highly opinionated picks for upcoming Bond girls. Thanks for reading!

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