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Made in: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Director: Juan José Jusid
Starring: Natalia Verbeke, Nancy Dupláa, Pablo Echarri, Pablo Rago
Year: 2002

Synopsis: Uma (Natalia Verbeke), a single, attractive flight attendant, tries desperately (and unsuccessfully) to find a sperm donor so she can become pregnant.

Her best friend Lucía (Nancy Dupláa), an ambitious career woman, offers to help by convincing her boyfriend Nico (Pablo Echarri), the perfect guy (sensitive, adventurous, good-looking, loves children, blah blah blah), to provide the necessary DNA.

When an artificial insemination attempt goes bad, Uma, out of desperation, has Nico knock her up "the old fashioned way."But the simple arrangement gets complicated when Nico begins developing feelings for Uma, and starts questioning his relationship with the work-obsessed, and often distant, Lucía.

The Good: Entertaining and light, Apasionados has some amusing moments and is generally well-acted. Also, I admit it was interesting to watch a commercial film made mostly for a South American audience.

Plus, there are some gorgeous-looking scenes shot in Patagonia and Spain.

The Bad: The story concept is a bit hard to believe, and some moments nearly lapse into the "sappy cheese" department.

Who would like this movie: This is definitely a chick flick through and through, and although clearly made for a wide, commercial South American audience, this movie isn't too different from the romantic comedies produced here in the US.

Fans of chick flicks will find much to appreciate, as the romantic themes and humor pretty much cut across cultural lines. Definitely not a guy movie, but it's harmless and has a happy ending.

(2 1/2 out of 4 stars)

Review written by: Joe Yang

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